Friday, April 15, 2011

The Joy a Stamp Brings!

I wrestled with my demons. I walked away thinking I'd won, but knowing they'd be back to test me again, still, and all, here I am, to talk another day. I get another chance to share with good people, the importance of writing, and the joy a little stamp can bring.
I'm just home from time well-spent out in the fresh, windy spring air, and sunshine. My last stop was the mail box. And guess what. I have mail! Yes! And here I was, thinking hardly anyone wrote these days. I'm happy any time someone makes a liar out of me. 

This Limner has mail. One small rectangle without a return address counts more than the other envelopes. I wanted to open it then and there; instead I let the suspense mount. Could it be our insurance agent wishing me a happy birthday? Hmm. No. He'd have used the occasion to advertise. There's nothing on the envelope other than my name and address.
So, I open the door, holler, "Honeys, I'm ho-o-ome!" There's a sound of distant, rumbling thunder of eight paws scampering across the floor upstairs, then a chorus of "Hey-hey-hey." That's Simon and Minuet greeting me. My bags and keys land on the nearest kitchen counter, but I hold on to my mail. I gently separated the flap from the body of the envelope, and there's proof that it's not an ad. Inside the little white rectangle that bears a forever stamp lays a pink note card with scalloped edges. Oh, my! There's writing. Printing.
Now, this is where my eyes made it difficult to read. A quick wipe with the back of my wrist improved my vision, and I saw: Dear _ _ _ _ _ _ _. This is indeed special! They didn't call me Mrs. the way they always do. There are no formalities here!
I want to share this with you for specific reasons. They wrote:
We enjoyed the cupcakes your brought us but more than that was your thoughtfulness and kindness. It is people like you that makes us feel good about the job we are doing. You lifted our spirits and made us feel so special! You are definitely much "sweeter" than the cupcakes we ate. Thank you for making our hearts smile.
Sams Club Pharmacy
My heart just melted, but it melted quicker because, I gave them those cupcakes in January. They've thanked me so often, I feel a bit awkward on occasion. I mean, I don't want them to feel they have to do it forever. They shouldn't feel they owe me recognition every time I'm there. I gave them a gift from the best bakery in town because they deserved it. They are an amazing group of women who work hard; they're always friendly and smiling--even when I'm sick and cranky. They go beyond the limits of their job description.
Another time I hadn't slept for an entire weekend. I had trouble getting my doctor to okay a refill before my next appointment, and I couldn't drive . . . To shorten my tale, the head pharmacist offered to bring my prescription to my home, because they would be closing before my sister got off work, and her conscious couldn't bear knowing I'd go without sleep another night. My sister offered to meet her halfway. I got my meds, and slept like a babe with a full tummy of mommy's milk. The End. Well, not quite. I could never put an end to gratitude that's eternal.
But, that's only one example of how wonderful they are. If they don't have a med in stock, they'll call their competition until they find it. They never lose their temper, yet, sadly, there have been a few times when I've lost mine. They should have told me to go home and soak my head, but I always apologized. Being ill is no excuse for being impatient. Some of us can be as mean and nasty as a Texas rattler on steroids!
I have learned my share of lessons of grace, kindness, dedication, and patience from my lady pharmacists. So, tonight I get to write to them. In my note, I will thank them for having known them for the last ten years or so. I will tell them yet again, just how much we appreciate them, and the good work they do.
There are at least six pharmacies closer to home. One is five minutes away. Why do we drive over ten miles to Sam's Club Pharmacy? It's because of the perks, of course. It's those intangible perks!
Oh, one never knows the joy a little stamp can bring! Do something to show front-line workers how much they are appreciated. I've mentioned this before, but a repeat won't hurt: I gave gourmet cupcakes to our pharmacists and techs, to my primary care physician's staff, and to the postal clerks who were on duty that day. I think handwritten thank-you notes would have done the job, also. You think? For sure, I'm still proud of my pharmacy ladies. They dispense good manners along with medicine. There are people who still know the value of the handwritten note! 

Do you have a similar story to share?
Write on!

This Limner


  1. Very nice of them to send a thank-you note. (All non-junk, non-bill is always appreciated, in my book.) Are you sure that they aren't, meant in the very nicest of ways, angling for some more cupcake appreciation from you, too, in addition to being thankful??

  2. Oh, snap! The idea of them angling for more went way over my head! LOL! Sometimes I am so slow. Hope you're not right though, ML. In fact I'd crossing my fingers that you're wrong. Something like that coming their way more than once a year would make the giving less special. Appreciation Day comes once a year on every calendar.

    Thanks for the heads up. :)