Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Official!

Back in January I decided to get a post office box instead of giving out my home address. Here it is April, and I hadn't used it yet. So, when I decided to finally give it a go, I couldn't find the paper work. I had two keys, but no box number. Anesthesia tends to temporarily wipe out major portions of my memory. I placed the paper work, and the receipt someplace safe. I've just temporarily forgotten where.

Two trips to the post office later, and I was still without. Why? Because both times I drove all the way to the post office over on Park Row, their computers were down. Well, a week later, someone called, and left my box number on voice mail.

Doubtful, I sent myself a pretty little handmade postcard, tucked it inside an envelope, added postage, and mailed it. I had to test the number before I gave it to someone. Well,  guess what. It's official! The box number works. See?

Am I happy? Yes! In fact, I am so happy, I'm giving away a copy of Margaret Shepherd's sweet little book, The Art of the Handwritten Note, to express my joy." Shepherd's book is "A Guide To Reclaiming Civilized Communication." For real! I wrote to her last year, asking permission to use a few quotes, and she graciously said yes, after she received the nod from her publisher. Some authors do write back.

So, the first writer to send me a handwritten note that's postmarked April 25, wins!

Limner Cade
P.O. Box 6943
Katy, TX 77449-2611

P.S. Hmm. Wonder what uncivilized communication would be like? Grunts, gestures, or both? Any ideas?


  1. Margaret Shepherd is the sister of a very good friend, and co-author of mine!

  2. Well, hey, Bev, and thanks for the info. I have five or six copies of Margaret's little book. There is at least one in every other room where I work. That leaves me with two brand-new copies behind glass in my favorite bookcase. IMHO, the winner of my little give-away will receive a gem.

    I'll have to google Bev Sykes now, in case I own something you've authored. :)

    Oh happy day!

  3. I wish I could send you a note postmarked April 25th but it's a bank holiday here in France so it won't be possible to have April 25th postmarked on it ;)

  4. Thank you for the beautiful postcard and letter! It's official ... we're pen pals! Hope you'll check out my blog today:

    Happy Friday! Susan

  5. Susan,

    For once I'm at a loss for words. Yours tugged my heart wide open. Now everything is too blurred to see well. I'll have to try again later, but please know that you've changed a part of me in a major way.

    I have learned that the sun always shines; we just can't see it. So, I try to remind myself of that truth when SAD takes me down.

    More later, okay? I need to tell you how you've made me feel . . .

    Hard hugs from,
    this leaky-eyed Limner.

  6. Hollyvia, I wish it could be different, because I would love a note with a French postmark and stamps, but the 25th is my birthday. I have only one, but there will be other give-aways. I have lots of goodies to part with, so stay tuned. I'm shooting for at least one give-away per month.

    Write on! And, thanks for visiting.

  7. Hollyvia, I'd still love to have a note from you. I could pretend your bubbles came with it, as part of a belated champagne celebration.

    Wish I read French, too. :D I have a lovely translator. She wants to live in your country some day. She has spent her vacation there, two years in a row. Alas! She is my only child.

    Appréciez-vous le jour férié! How did I fare? :)

  8. This inspires me to write letters again!

  9. Yay-Hey, Hannah! Write on! Hope you'll drop me a line when you start. :)

  10. I found you through pattys blog . good to see there are other people who like to write letters and read books . that is very cool . I will get a letter out this week .

  11. Hannah, those words are the music that makes my pen dance a jig. :)

    Write on! Write to me, too, if you're of a mind to. :D

    And, Hello, phonelady.

    I must thank Patty for helping you find "Oh, Write Me!" I like her blog. I didn't know there were others out there like me until recently. :) Words. I love 'em, I write 'em, and read 'em.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. I promise to write back. Today's "Moan-day Mail Bag is packed, and ready for a mail run. Well, it will be if I finally get some sleep.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Goog morning.

    This Limner

  12. Hollyvia, I've emended the contest rules to include the international community of letter-writers. :) I'll give away another copy to the first note that arrives with an international stamp. How's that? :)

  13. I bet I could stay away today. I lost. :) First, I HAD to post replies. Then I had to tell Hollyvia about the international give-away. Besides, I don't mind paying for lunch. I lost the bet, but I'll have a nice meal with someone I like.

    Will reply to all of your lovely comments tomorrow. Thanks for easing my conscience.

  14. Hannah, I'm happy to hear that.

    BTW, such beautiful babies! Hope you are able to find the time. :)