Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Best Laid Plans of Mice, and a Limner

The best-laid plans of mice and limners often go astray. Maybe life planned it that way. So, I, for one will work with what I end up with.
I wasn't creeped out by the deep shadows on the dark side of the post office, where my box just happens to be. I was on a mission. I was on my way to P.O. Box 6943, where a tall stack of mail entries awaited their release.
It took a deep breath, a steady hand, the insertion of a brassy key into a lock that seemed to blur and move from its own excitement, and a bold flick of the wrist, before that slim boxyielded access to its contents:

I'd planned to take a photograph of the box's contents before I disturbed the order of the contents. See, I was so excited about my little giveaway, that I wanted to include every important detail. I wanted to photograph the order in which the entries lay. That was important, in case I couldn't read the postmark dates--which is exactly what happened.
Well, it didn't happen. Disappoint writ all over my face, yet still excited to see who'd honored me by participating, I reached in with shaky hands, and drew out the winner. The winner was determined by an unknown postal clerk. The beautiful envelope lay on bottom. Surely that meant it was the first entry placed inside. Right? The lovely postcard lay on top. It came in second.
In an attempt to be fair, I examined the post marks with a magnifier. The winning postmark is April 22. So, yes, the winner is:

The Pen Thief!

Congratulations! Your gift will head your way before the week ends. Thanks for entering. And thanks for the pretty photograph and card. I'm crazy about the envelope, too.
Jackie, from Letters & Journals, was only a day late. I came in 3rd. Yes, I won, too! The Pen Thief gave me a beautiful card. It's one of her photos of a flower I love. I heart peonies! Inside the notecard is a lovely message. Thank you, Pen Thief!
Jackie's entry arrived on a postcard. I have a thing for water too. It's amazing how life works out. The more you give; the more you get. I didn't know Saint Anthony Falls is the only waterfall on the Mississippi River. I didn't even know they had a waterfall! I love learning. 
And when can we buy copies of Letters & Journals Magazine??? I want to be one of the first people to get one. :D

Oh! And, BTW, Jackie, sometimes it's never too late. ;)
Thanks, everyone!
Write on!

This Limner


  1. Oh wow I was so hoping my letter would have gotten to you by now . Jeee what is with the mail service these days ? I can get a letter from europe in two days and a letter from arizona takes a wk ? Okay I have no idea . anyways those are some lovely pieces of mail to receive . Just lovely and god bless you .

  2. phonelady, I'll extend the deadline by two days since there were two entries. And in all fairness, Jackie should have won, because her postmark was closer to the 25th.

    My giveaways are always an embarrassment. :) I had two entrants in the Kiwi Naming contest. Before that it was zero. Even when the book, a set of notecards, AND a fountain pen were the prizes. This time around, I just thought it was business as usual. Sorry.

    The Pen Thief gets to keep her gift. She shouldn't be denied because of my insecurities. :) If no mail comes bearing an April 25 postmark . . .

    Good luck!