Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Strong Case for Writing

Lately I've been reading a lot about keeping in touch by way of writing. I'm talking about writing the old fashioned way: By writing letters. Yep, I'm talking going postal. I'm talking making postal go viral the old school way. The same way germs are spread. By hand.

I've fallen for Postcrossing in a big way. For me, saying something relevant in such small space blows me away. 'Cause I'm long-winded, you see. I think I'm making up for the time I had chose to be mute my choice. I was just a little thing when I made the decision. I used to stutter real bad. My Uncle J teased me about it. He told everyone not to talk to me until I "talked right." Believe it or not, they listened. It didn't make me talk any quicker though. So, I'm allowed to make up for all the silence I bestowed upon all those adults, my cousins, and my big sister.

I met three of the loveliest people via Postcrossing: a mom and her two daughters. I like them so much I want to give them something that's special to me. It's another gift that they can share, along with sending and getting postcards. So I made three kits of the same gift, only . . . Here. I'll hush and let you see what I mean . . .

Inside this stuffed little packet is everything they'll need to make a fish like the one in the photograph. Even the eyes are included! Only the stuffing and threads are excluded. I'm not sure what color or type of thread they'll go for, so I've left it up to them.

One fish, two fish, don't forget the blue fish!
Can't help but wonder who will choose which . . .

A purple ribbon chatelain holds a cute etui--that--holds three needles--that hold HOPE. I am such a sucker for children who like to write. And I like to count postcards as letters. Little letters written for anyone in the post office to see. And, postcard writers might turn into letter writers. You never know. Remember, from little acorns . . . 

I'd show you more but I don't want ykw to discover my surprise! Everything goes out in tomorrow's mail. So, please mister mail man or ms mail woman, handle my gifts with sweet gentle care. Make sure they're kept safe until after they get "there." Only you and I know where they will go. 

With Hope,

This Limner

P.S. Write on! Because, you never know when what you write will be super-appreciated.

This is my strong case for writing. What's yours?


  1. I love to write letters too. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder and sit in front of a light box for about an hour every morning. I discovered that if I have my card making stamps & pens out, I can be pretty creative at 4:00 a.m. I write a lot of letters and receive very few in return but I'm okay with that. I get the greatest joy in sending them because I know how special it makes me feel when I receive one. I love your blog!

  2. Hey, Suddenly Susan! (I liked that show!)

    Thanks for visiting "Oh, Write Me!," and thanks for leaving a comment. My doctors have told me I might have the same condition. I love sitting in the sun, but I have days when I go out just to get the mail. My lamp is one of my best friends. Depression depresses me. :D

    I like to write letters. If you'll send me your address, I promise to have a little something for you in my Moanday Mail Bag. :) I'm planning a mail run then. I know what you mean about small returns, though. I think most people like getting mail, but don't write because they don't think they're good at it. I tell my friends to just write like they're talking to me. :) It doesn't work. They'd rather call. It's their loss, huh?

    Thanks a million for liking my blog! Remember to send me your address ASAP, and you'll have mail going out on Moanday.

    Hard hugs! from,

    This Limner