Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Happy Shade of Blue

This is one of two postcards that came in today's mail. I'm still a little blue but this card has been a marvelous mood-shifter. I couldn't help laughing the moment I first saw it. I think it was the fat cat's smile that did it for me. I greedily devoured the detail as I slowly walked across the street, up the sidewalk and back home. I forgot to look both ways. Shame on me, but the colors captured all of me, and it wasn't until I'd reached our driveway that I saw the mouse! How cute is it?!!

The mouse changes the entire story. It goes from Smug Fat Cat Living Large, to Smug Fat Cat & Friend. They have it so good, huh?

My lovely card came from Finland! It changed a case of the blues into Blue Hue, leaving me A Happy Shade of Blue.

Write on!


  1. hihi, funny:) hope you feel better soon! have a good weekend.

  2. Hi,
    I followed you back here from your comment at Just Letter Rip. I've spent the last couple of hours reading here and on your other blogs.I'd love to write to you, but can' t find your address or email. Please contact me at or

  3. Thanks, Maria. I'm getting better with each day. I had a restful weekend. Hope the rest of your week is great.