Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Stamp of Love

So it's February. It's the month for lovers. And my, oh my, does the USPS have stamps for you! Such pretty colors, too! I guess these two are the King and Queen of Hearts. Surely they are. I mean, who gazes at each other the way they do here? And he's giving her flowers!

So why aren't they smiling? Hmm. And why is her crown sliding down the back of her head? Oh, tell me it's not Henry VIII!

No matter. Go! Buy some stamps. Send your love a sweet letter. Get a jump on Valentine's Day. She'll thank you for it later. (Very Big Wink!)


  1. Beautiful stamps! I hope you try wood engraving one day, it is very therapeutic. You asked about the tools - you can find a guide to the tools here and also some interesting links.

  2. It's all rather interesting, and worth investigating. I'll check into the book first chance I get.

    Who knew there's a Society of Wood Gravers? I should have known, I'm sure.

    Thanks for replying, and for the link.

    This Limner