Saturday, January 22, 2011

Like Paper for Ink

I have two new pen pals. Haven't done much snail mail since e-mails displaced pen and paper. Never knew just how much I missed old fashioned writing until I tore my rotator cuff lifting weights. Twice. Thrice. Yep, a third time. It ripped again two days ago when I tripped. But, a couple-three years ago I realized how true this is: Use it or lose it.

So, with two new pen pals, postcard pals, and a promise to write 365 letters this year, I've been been doing some one-armed-digging. I found so many pens and half-emptied boxes of note paper and stationery, I couldn't help feeling guilty. No. Fortunate. I feel fortunate. No sense in worrying Guilt to death, since I can still use everything I found. Right? For real.

Here is a sampling of what used to be a favorite. I remember "saving" a few of the note cards for what ever reason I latched on to. Aren't they lovely?

Reminds me of exotic foreign places where the people wear rich luxurious colors, drink water that sparkles like diamonds, and never eat anything they have to kill first. Storytellers  are more famous than the wealthiest merchant, and you can get a story written in the palms of your hands! Oh, what a land!

 No baby cries. 
And no one lies.
Because every story is true!

Don't you see?
Won't you?
Can't you?

Just trust me!
And try me!
Write just like me!
Then truly we'll be
On the same page.

Or just for the moment
We'll magically see
So many wonders
And wonderful things
That dangle from the ends
Of  marvelous 
Made for writing

Like Ink Made for Paper
And Paper For Ink!

Don't you see?

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