Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letter Box

Any serious artisan or craftswoman keeps the tools of her trade in a special place. I keep my pastels lined up on a bed of rice in a butcher's tray. I keep my wax seals and wax in a special tin. My drawing tools are kept in a plain wooden box that has several tiers and slots. I keep my scrap-booking and journal-making supplies in nice roomy drawers and large cubbies. Everything has a place, although everything isn't in its proper place . . . Just yet.

I do have a special place for my letter-writing instruments though: My pens, papers, envelopes, sealing waxes, seals, a blotter, stamps, ink cartridges, bottled ink . . . My writing treasures have a home in My Letter Box. This is what it looks like today.

I like to wear my quill pen necklace. Having it in My Letter Box is inspiration.

I have learned that it helps to save a little time for letter-writing. My Time In A Bottle is a reminder to always make time.

It always pays to have a little coinage on hand for extra postage.

Neatness counts. 

I like knowing that I have enough stationery, ink, stamps, seals, and something worth writing about before I sit down to write. The best topic is the person I am writing to. If I write to someone on a regular basis, I like having their photograph near. For instance? My daughter. Or, I might have their last letter on hand when I write.

"A lens?" You ask. Yep. My Third Eye is as important to me as My Letter Box.


Everything has its place. Just like My Letter Box.

I think I need another Letter Box. Maybe one for the letters written to me? What about returned letters? Like the one from Ms Geni, who has passed on? And the one returned from Bill Perry, in Colorado? It came in today's mail. That's one down side to this thing called letter-writing. 

Q. Where do the dead letters go?

A. In a Dead Letter Box.

No. They belong in My Letter Box. Letters never die. They're simply unread.

Please write a letter to someone you know. Then try to imagine how many times it will be read, and re-read, cherished and held.

Just write!

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