Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Kiwi Reader/Writer/Protector of Pages Winner Is . . .

The drawing for the Name-The-Kiwi Contest ends March 15, 2011. This is your last chance to enter. Good luck!

She has been with me since the 90s. She flew across an ocean. She flew across the USA and half-way back, just to meet me and relocate. Yet, in all this time she has remained nameless. See how she cuts her eye at me? Could be she's ticked because of it?

She and I know how tireless she is when it comes to protecting all the pages I hold dear. Used to be, she was perched midway on the shelf she seems to prefer. Tonight I noticed a possible explanation. She's closer to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. You think there's a connection? Or merely coincidental? No matter. She who is nameless, shall be named. And to show our appreciation, we will give a gift to the good soul who christens her with a moniker that's appropriate, befits her personality and makes her proud. She's no longer a New Zealander. She's totally American. I wonder if she's ever homesick? Oh, I hope not! 

Maybe a few clues are called for. A little insight to her personality. Looks can be deceptive. My "Kiwi Girlfriend" is:

1. loyal
2. contemplative
3. unobtrusive
4. warm
5. soft
5. trustworthy
6. listens well
7. a woman of few words, but when she speaks, what she says is worth the wait.
8. truthful
9. gets along well with others
10. once offered to lend me her beak to write with . . .

Now, if these few werds aren't descriptive enough . . . Then I don't know what to else to say, except, she really does deserve a nice name. The winner of our little contest will win a lovely journal from Limner's Ink. It's priced at $40, but my Kiwi Girlfriend's new name will be priceless. 



  1. I think her name should be Aroha

  2. Hello Limner,
    You have a beautiful and inspiring blog site ... Marilyn (The Toymaker) posted a link to your blog on her "facebook" leading me here. After reading your description of your Kiwi friend I feel that these (one Greek and the other Spanish) names seem to suit your long distance champion and protector of words and wisdom: Eva Ramona - meaning bearer of good news and wise protector, I hope you agree.
    I also hope your cats are able to stay on your lap and offer you companionship and comfort rather still needing to run for cover.

    Best wishes


  3. Ah, I see I'm a tad too late for the Naming. Pray tell, what is Kendall Kiwi's new name? (I have a birdie called Beak who acts as a scribe for my travelling hippopotamus, Hroshi-from-Prague. She (Beak) has expressed an interest in writing to Kendall Kiwi (or whatever her name is now!)--she, too, is a book lover and has the sweetest little chirpy soul. Interested, K?

    on behalf of Beak in Canada

  4. I think the right name for her should be FRIEND 'cause reading those words about her she sounds like a true friend!

  5. Hello Misha,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I like it. The Kiwi's name is Ahora. I haven't announced it yet, because I'm still waiting for the winner to contact me. The name has a beautiful meaning. I'm excited to share it.



  6. OMG! I missed a comment! It's a year old. I didn't know what I was doing back then, and rarely had comments. Thank you, Anonymous and Karen. Hope you forgive me. Was going back in time to find out who posted the first comments. I have an idea . . .